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The Freiberg Mining Landscape is the oldest and most important area for silver extraction in the Erzgebirge. Silver was continuously mined in this area from 1168 until 1968. The first mining town in the Erzgebirge, Freiberg was founded in 1168. Over time, many important mining landscapes – such as those around Gersdorf, Zug, and the Himmelfahrt mine – developed as a result of the town’s economic position, the discovery of rich veins of ore, and the introduction of various mining technologies. These mining landscapes are connected by a water management system comprising several elements – the Rothschönberger Adit drainage gallery, the Freiberg RWA active mining water management system, and the Mulde river.

Active associations in the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region: 

Segen Gottes Erbstolln e. V. Gersdorf

Viertes Lichtloch des Rothschönberger Stollns e. V.

Siedlerverein Erzwäsche Halsbrücke e. V. (residents’ association)

Siebentes Lichtloch e. V.

Förderverein Himmelfahrt Fundgrube Freiberg e. V. (friends’ association)

Förderverein Drei-Brüder-Schacht e.V. (friends’ association)

Historische Freiberger Berg- und Hüttenknappschaft e.V. (smelting workers’ association)

Freiberg Tourist Association

AG Turmhofer Pochwerksrad