The power house was built in 1905/06. Two Francis turbines with corresponding generators were used to produce electricity. The motive water procured from Rothenthal was supplied to the turbines through a pipeline from the Lichthaus under the Unterer Teich (lower pond). In times of water scarcity, a locomobile manufactured by the Lanz company supplied 120 / 180 kW. The chimney, today shortened, was erected for the purposes of the steam system. The power house as a whole covers an area of over 650 m2 and displays the industrial architecture typical of the early 20th century, with the use of clinker bricks as decorative elements, arched windows with iron-framed windows, and shallow gable roofs. Although the energy produced was sufficient to supply the surrounding buildings and industrial facilities with power, steam and water power continued to be used to drive the energy-intensive roll stands. 

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