Located in the central Erzgebirge, the Marienberg mining region borders the Freiberg district in the east and the Annaberg district in the west. It is one of the younger districts of the Erzgebirge mining region. Silver, tin, and iron were key raw materials here, and significant deposits of resources such as chalk and marble were also quarried. In the UNESCO World Heritage nomination, the region is represented by the historic old town of Marienberg, the Olbernhau-Grünthal liquation works, and the mining landscapes of Lauta and Ehrenfriedersdorf. Other important historical and tourism-relevant elements, such as the Augustusburg hunting lodge, the Lengefeld lime works, the Grüne Graben ditch at Pobershau, the Niederzwönitz paper mill, and the Seiffen Toy Village are included in the mining region as associated objects.