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The Trinitatis church completes what is known as the Fürstenplatz (square) in the north-westerly direction. The name of this spital or hospital church refers to the former adjacent hospital founded in about 1500. The St. Trinitatis cemetery, some 3 hectares in size, has always been the principal burial place in Schneeberg. It was established around 1529 directly next to the hospital and expanded in 1701. The Trinitatis hall church, which although partly destroyed in the fire of 1719 was already rebuilt by 1739. The church is a quarry stone structure with a chancel enclosed on three sides and a double tower façade. The towers, built in 1846 in the Historicism style, are equipped with pointed spires. The church structure contains segmental arch windows between the buttresses. The hall in the church features a wooden mirrored vault and single-storey galleries on three sides. The original church furnishings have not been preserved.

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