The Trinitatis Church is located at the north-western end of the Fürstenplatz. It is also known as the Hospital Church, referring to the hospital built around 1500 which used to stand beside it. The St. Trinitatis cemetery belongs to the church and now covers around three hectares. It is the central burial ground for the town of Schneeberg. It originally bordered on the hospital and was expanded in 1701, having been in use since 1529. Among the notable features of the graveyard are the epitaph of the metalwork magnate Paul Lobwasser († 1606) and the crypt belonging to the Schnorr von Carolsfeld family, constructed around 1800. The Trinitatis Church is a single-nave church. It was partly destroyed in the fire of 1719, but was rebuilt by 1739. Built of quarry stone, the church features a three-sided enclosed choir and a facade with two towers. The towers were built in 1846 in the historicist style and feature sharply pointed roofs. They were donated by the merchant Carl Hänel. The church is marked by the regular arched windows arranged between the buttresses. The nave features a wooden vaulted ceiling and single-storey galleries on three sides. The original furnishings of the church have not survived.

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