Erzgebirge World Heritage Convent


The Erzgebirge World Heritage Convent (Welterbekonvent Erzgebirge, WEK) is the decision-making body for the Saxon side of the "Erzgebirge mining region". It consists of the districts of Erzgebirgskreis, Mittelsachsen and Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge (represented by the district administrations) and 32 towns and communities in the region (represented by their Lord Mayors or mayors), and has taken responsibility for the sponsorship of the region's application for UNESCO World Heritage status as part of a public law contract.

The WEK makes decisions regarding the overall approach taken within the UNESCO World Heritage project as the represented districts, towns and communities also took responsibility for financing the project when they took over the sponsorship of the application phase.

The Convent has adopted the guidelines in the "Erzgebirge mining region" charter, and is responsible for the protection and maintenance as well as the further development of the nominated World Heritage sites under the terms of the World Heritage Convention.

The districts, towns and communities have also decided to establish a sponsorship association by the time the title is awarded, which will work with the equivalent Czech association, Montanregion Erzgebirge - Krušné Hory o.p.s., to manage the future World Heritage sites.

Until the association is founded and assumes the role, Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH is responsible for general project management.




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