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Freudenstein Castle perches on a hill outside the town’s protected heritage area, above the northwest edge of the settlement. The castle was built by Stephan Schlick in 1516–17 to protect the town. Records indicate that the first Joachimsthalers, unauthorised local coins, were minted illegally in the cellars of the castle in 1519. In 1548, the castle came into royal possession and was used as the headquarters of the royal mining overseers. Besieged by the Swedish army in 1636, the castle suffered serious artillery damage and burned down. The castle was abandoned and slowly decayed. Only the two towers remained. The large tower in the north-western corner, known as the Schlick Tower, is still its full height of 19 metres. The round, 12-metre tower in the south-western corner was the powder house and was used to store gunpowder for use in mining.