The Schneeberg town hall is a large, classical building with a striking tower, which dominates the market square. Directly above the rounded-arch entrance is a large sandstone frieze dating from 1911/12 which tells the tale of the first discovery of ore in Schneeberg. Above the frieze is a large, colourful cast-iron relief showing the town’s coat of arms. The town hall is a detached building with four wings and a rectangular inner courtyard. Its front facade is decorated with pilaster strips. Attached to the gable end is the town hall’s tower, with a rectangular lower portion, octagonal upper portion, and a flat roof. Easily visible on the tower above the town’s coat of arms is a set of carillon bells made of Meißner porcelain. These were donated by the Schnorr family. Leaded windows painted with images of Schneeberg and representations of the various crafts can be enjoyed from inside the Town Hall, which was fundamentally redesigned in 1911/12. The names of donors are painted on the windows. There is also a painted coffered ceiling by Prof. Josef Goller. The ceiling of the central entrance hall is stuccoed. In the council hall is a large painting showing the Neustädtel mining landscape surrounding Schneeberg. It is by Carl Lange and was painted in the Domestic Revival style in 1937. 

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