The Schneeberg mining region borders the Annaberg district in the east and the Schwarzenberg district in the south. Among other resources, silver, copper, bismuth, cobalt, and nickel ores were mined here. Founded at the end of the 15th century, the mining town of Schneeberg was the first important new mining town to be established in the western Erzgebirge and forms part of the World Heritage nomination. Also nominated are the nearby Schneeberg-Neustadtel and Hoher Forst mining landscapes, which bore witness to the mining history of the surrounding area. The blue colour works known as “Schindlers Werk” (Schindler’s Factory) joins the nomination as a monument to the blue pigment production industry in the Erzgebirge. The Schneeberg timber ditch and a number of relics of the mining history of Aue – including the Auerhammer manor house and the St. Andreas mine/Weiße Erde pit – act as associated objects that further illustrate the rich mining history of the region.