Built in 1545, this is the only remaining town gate out of an original five. Until 1684, it contained a mining bell that would ring out to signal it was time to change shifts. This was relocated to the church tower in 1684. The outside of the gate still bears the notches where the portcullis used to be. Walking through the gate, rings can be seen for the outer and inner gate, marking the point where the gate’s hinges were once attached. The Schnitzerheim (wood carving workshop and display) that now adjoins the gate was once a guardroom. Guards would patrol the town walls, and, depending on the time of year, the town gates would open at different times. The gate tower has four levels. From 1966 to 2006, it housed a Museum of Local History, which is now located in the mining store house as the Museum sächsisch-böhmisches Erzgebirge (Museum of the Saxon-Bohemian Ore Mountains). Today, the tower is used for cultural events.

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