The former Franciscan monastery was built between 1502 and 1512. Originally, the construction was made up of a completely enclosed area surrounded by four tall buildings and the monastery walls. The main entrance to the monastery church was through the “Beautiful Door” or “Golden Gate”. The gardens covered the area from the monastery to the town walls and small cloister gate. However, the monastery was deconsecrated in 1539. A number of art-historical objects, as well as the monastery’s library, have survived. By 1577, the monastery’s church was derelict and the “Beautiful Door” was relocated to St. Anne’s Church. Today, the high altar of the monastery church serves as the high altar of the St. Katharinenkirche (St. Catherine’s Church) in Buchholz. At the start of the 19th century, much of the monastery was demolished. All that survives of the monastery today are a choir wall of the monastery church with six windows, the remains of the enclosure walls, and some cellar constructions.

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