The two names of the Trögersche- or Schmeilhaus refer to its past owners—the first to a family of apothecaries in the 17th/18th century, one member of which was also a member of the city council, and the second to the publisher Karl Schmeil, who took over the Goedsche press in 1891. The two-story corner house at Fürstenplatz 1, a stone’s throw from the town hall, surrounds an irregular courtyard with round arches. Both outward-facing facades are extensively decorated with stucco (including flowers, leaves, scrollwork, cartouches, drapery, busts, lions and more). The stuccoed ceilings on the ground floor of the building have survived and been restored. The staircase ceiling features a groined vault. A slate mansard roof caps the building above the corner facades. After going through the main door on the Fürstenplatz, visitors arrive in a central entry hall typical of the Baroque style after 1720. The pale pink paint on the house complements the white stucco decoration.

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