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Beneath the line of the Komáří hůrka cable car is the Knötel mining landscape. This area was the largest ore field in the Krupka (Graupen) region. Today, it is filled with relics of the area’s mining history from the 14th to the 20th century—and the history of tin mining in particular. As early as the 14th century, numerous small mines close to the surface were found throughout the area, and have left behind adits, shafts, and heaps from different periods. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, more mines and adits were opened throughout the district, including the Jacobs Fahrt mine and the Siebenschläfer adit. The larger heaps dating from the end of this period indicate that the adits and mines were excavated more deeply at this time. During and immediately after the Second World War, new adits (named Prokop, Barbora and Václav) were built to extract molybdenite and potash feldspar. Mining ceased in 1956.