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For centuries, the building of the town hall which dominates the upper part of Jáchymov has been the seat of the local government of the free royal and mining town. Today it accommodates the town council, the library and an information centre at the ground floor. Historically, the building consists of two parts, the older Schlick (or Alnpeck) house built between 1520 and 1528 and bought by the town council in 1531, and the town hall wing with a massive prismatic tower which was added to the Schlick house during its restoration between 1538 and 1544. The building obtained its current form during a major remodeling between 1901 and 1902 when a storey has been added to the central and the northern wings and the tower was raised. On the ground floor and in the basement of the building, Renaissance vaulted rooms have been preserved.

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