The church, built between 1502 and 1511, is located on the north-west side of Annaberg marketplace. The Miners’ Church of St. Mary is the only church in the Erzgebirge financed entirely by a miners’ guild. The construction of the church was paid for with contributions to the Annaberg Miners’ Association. Until the end of mining activities in the Annaberg ore fields, the Miners’ Church was used for worship exclusively by people involved in the mining industry. It held mining sermons at the end of each quarterly administration period for the mines, as well as on mining public holidays. The church was destroyed by fire on several occasions. The Miners’ Church as it is now dates back to 1736. The most notable items in the church’s historical inventory include the miners’ pulpit and the historical pews for the miners’ association. The nativity scene featuring characters dressed as miners and townspeople has been on display since the church was reopened in 2005. It is a link between the town’s mining history and the present. During the First World War, the historical mining bell was melted down. A new bell was consecrated in 1996, and in 2005 the church was reopened after comprehensive restoration.

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