The Refining House of the Olbernhau-Grünthal liquation works is only a few metres to the west of the mill, outside the liquation works wall. Built by the UTHMANN family around 1560, the Refining House, too, dates back to the earliest days of the liquation works. Prior to this, the refining process was carried out in the Long Works. With an area of nearly 280 square metres, the Refining House was one of the largest buildings of the liquation works. After the liquation business was discontinued, the building was used as a refinery. It was later used for wire drawing and as a workshop, and now functions as a shop. To accommodate these changes in use, the building was significantly modified a number of times. Today, the building is a one-storey construction with an impressive gable roof. On the southern side, an extra storey was added and the roof was modified to a pent roof (with one dormer). An outbuilding was added to the northern gable end.

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