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This simple building ‒ later modified, converted and extended several times ‒ was erected in 1604 as a residence for the Liquation Works Factor, HIERONYMUS EYMER. Although the building complex was originally set out as a small farmstead, only the main building to the north-east and the adjoining side building have been preserved. The Old Trading Post is today a two-storey, solid stonework building with a basement. It has a gabled roof with shed dormers covered by roofing felt shingle. The older annex mentioned above has a hipped roof. The considerably newer, two-storey annex to the south-east also has a gabled roof; this is not, however, as high as the ridge of the main building. An external flight of stairs on the longer north-eastern side of the building leads to the main entrance on the elevated ground floor. From 1848 to 1886, the building was used as a new school.

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