The mine’s administration and assembly building is a single-story house which was originally built entirely in a half-timbered style. It has a tall slate mansard roof with two levels, and there is a slight angle at the centre of the construction. On the side of the building facing away from the shaft, only the back of the house retains remnants of the half-timbering. The gable and left side of the front section have been completely rebuilt in solid masonry. The half-timbering can still be seen on the shaft-facing front section of the building. There are mansard dormer windows on the front and back sides of both levels of the hipped mansard roof. The north-east half is roofed with slate and the south-west side with asphalt roofing-board shingles. The house gables are covered with planks. There are six modern-style tilt-and-turn windows, as well as a new front door. The windowsills are no longer extant.

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