The Westtor is the most striking access point to the Liquation Works site. Following the last fire in the adjoining buildings in 1675, a watchman’s house with a passage was originally erected at this entrance to the Works, but was demolished in 1856. In its place, the Saxon copper and brass production company F.A. Lange built a decorative gate. Two columns built from quarry stone with a stepped top section have copper spikes adorned with a ball atop a pavilion roof. The gate arch joining the two columns, decorated with castellations, has a small pitched roof. The gate itself is a two-wing wooden door. Two crowned stone coat of arms decorated with scrolling are inset into the columns. The lower stone bears the inscription: “GEGRVNDET 1567 VON HANNS LIENHARDTAVS ANNABERG ERKAVT 1567 VONCHURFVRST AVGVST” (Founded 1567 by Hanns Lienhardt from Annaberg bought 1567 by Elector August).

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