In 1500, a large, single-storey stone building was erected by HANS STRUNTZ. The ground-floor ceiling featured a striking cell vault. In 1508, just a few years after the house was built, the mining entrepreneur LORENZ PFLOCK was named as the new owner of the building. Under his ownership, the house was extended. The UTHMANN FAMILY were among the later owners of the house. After 1847, a third storey was added to the existing two floors. The building has housed the present town and district library since 1935. The imposing building has an entrance portal with a pointed arch, and an entryway which was previously used as a passage through the building. An entrance to the stairwell branches off to the side. The rooms on the ground floor are characterised by the previously mentioned cell and stellar vaults. The stairwell, too, is vaulted. On the upper floor is a historic coffered ceiling. The doors and entryways feature embrasures decorated with rods.

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