The cultural centre is the newest building of the Sauberg main and pilot shaft complex, as well as the building with the largest surface area. It was constructed in 1955. The entrance and the stairwell above it slightly jut out from the rest of the building. The stairwell windows are large and are matched by glass doors in the same style on the ground floor. This front part of the building is made of unplastered brick masonry. The windowsills and door frames are red. There are two further notable elements to the cultural centre. Firstly, there is a mural of a mining scene which covers the entire wall opposite the entrance on the ground floor. The second notable feature is found on the upper floor: an event hall which has been preserved in its original state. The hall’s furnishings reflect its original 1950s character. Solar panels have been added to the south-east side of the roof of the cultural centre. When the building was renovated, the roof was tiled with black slate.

Interactive Map