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Saxon-Czech collaboration

Since as early as 2003, initiatives on both sides of the German-Czech border have been working closely together as part of the World Heritage project. A mixed working group formed of experts from both Saxony and the Czech Republic was created in spring 2012 to prepare the application for World Heritage status. On a ministerial level, there is a Saxon-Czech management group that takes decisions. It consists of representatives from both ministries and from subordinate authorities.


Bilateral management group

On a ministerial level, a bilateral management group was established in accordance with the guidelines, Section 135. Representatives from the competent ministries of the State Parties, the bilateral advisory group and the national administrative agencies take part in the annual management group meeting.

The management group’s tasks include, among others, representing respective state interests, sharing information, coordinating, strategic planning, issues relating to funding joint projects to raise awareness of the World Heritage Site among the (professional) public and approving updated versions of the cross-border management plan.

Bilateral advisory group

On a regional level, a bilateral advisory group has been set up. It is responsible for coordinating all joint matters. It comprises representatives from the ministries, monument authorities, expert institutions and representatives from national administrative agencies (World Heritage Association, Montanregion o.p.s.).