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The courtyard of the surface building complex of the Mendenschacht (shaft) can be accessed from the street „An der Zugspitze“ and through an entrance gateway between the praying house and the administration and assembly building. The entry area is flanked by tall trees. The courtyard measures 40 by 40 metres and is bordered by the praying house in the west, by the administration and assembly building in the south and by the mine forge in the east. A small park adjoins to the north. All of the buildings are placed alongside the courtyard and hold labeling of their former function from the beginning of the 20th century. A monument of a well is located 10 m north from the administration and assembly building - in the extensions of the straight lines of the praying house and mine forge gables. The sculpture of a tannery worker is placed at its centre and commemorates the fallen workers from the leather factory of Stecher during World War I.

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