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The laying out of the water body was first substantiated in a council record in 1565. Thereby the water of the Kohlbach creek and the Rathbach creek was supposed to be induced and ponded back into the Rothbächer pond. From 1569 on the water body served as a collecting pond of the Alte Mordgrube mine. After cease of Freiberg mining it was used as a compensation pond for the district electricity system. In 1936 the dam was elevated for 0.8 m and until 1938 a 0.6 m strong seal made of clay was installed over the entire length of the dam. Furthermore the control hut, the runoff channel and the flood drainage had been rebuilt. The Rothbächer pond serves as a balancing capacity pond between the upper and lower water system of the mining water management agency, and in particular, for caching and needs-dependent distribution of raw water. By its applied functions the Rothbächer pond is absolutely essential for a sure raw water supply of Freiberg’s industry. Furthermore it is used for fishing.

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