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Due to rising energy demands for mining in the Freiberg mining district the supply of water from the areas of Mittelsaida, Haselbach, Dörnthal, Pfaffroda, Ullersdorf and later on from the Flöha river has been considered already in 16th century. The project was further developed by the construction of the manmade ditches of Obersaida and Dörnthal and the pond of Dörnthal. In 1787 the former electorate Friedrich August III ordered the acquisition of land and the construction of a water storage pond nearby Dörnthal. The pond features the highest barricade structure (18.2 m) within the active mining water management system. The dam crest measures 300 m in length and 13.3 in width. The pond caches raw water from the Rauschenbach reservoir and the water is given after demand into the manmade ditch towards Großhardtmannsdorf or into the Haselbach creek that feeds the Saidenbach reservoir.

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