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Built as a massive construction in 1786, the administration and assembly building appears as a single-storey structure with several entrances showing arched door lintels. The windows feature wooden shutters after historical example. The eastern gable is designed as half-timbered construction while the western gable is built massively at present day. A headframe that extended over the building was located there within the last years of operation. A tall, octagonal ridge turret with lantern is put on the middle of the roof ridge and is arranged symmetrically to the dormers. Cased in wooden boards and covered with shingles, it served as both clock- and bell tower. On top sits the weather vane with the mining symbols hammer and chisel as well as the monogram of the mine and the year date 1815. The mining bell hangs inside the open lantern of the bell tower. A praying room and the pithead of the leat shaft were established inside the building.  

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