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“Today’s palace complex stands on the site of the margrave’s castle, which was built immediately after silver ore was first discovered in the area. The castle plays an important role in Saxony’s history. Between 1566 and 1577, Hans Irmisch (1526-1597), the master builder of Saxony, remodelled it into a four-winged Renaissance building. From the 1750s onwards, it was used as a hospital, prison, orphanage and warehouse, and expanded several times to accommodate these functions. As a result of these modifications, very little of the original Renaissance building has survived. Remnants include the castle layout, the staircase in the Langes Haus, the spiral staircase in the round tower, and various window and door frames.
Freudenstein Castle is home to Terra Mineralia, a collection of 3,500 minerals, gemstones and meteorites, the largest and most beautiful mineral exhibition in Germany. Visitors can go on “expeditions” to learn how minerals shape everyday life and how they can change our culture and technology.”

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