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The workings of the Gößner Mine (named after Andreas Gößner, who owned the Annaberg ore field in around 1510) are located below Annaberg old town, directly opposite St. Anne’s Church, which was built between 1499 and 1525. The mine is a typical early-modern enterprise, which, as in many other Erzgebirge mining towns, has shaped the substrata beneath the town. Since 1995, the mine and its small, narrow galleries dating back to around 1500 have been accessible to the public via a visitors’ shaft. This includes impressive shafts that have been sunk to a depth of 24 metres on the floor of the vein, and 260 metres of drives running along the veins, as well as intersections connected via blind shafts at two different levels.  The principle of excavation is illustrated at extraction sites and vein outcrops, with mine workings following the location and orientation of the veins.

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