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Originally 2.7 kilometer in length, the town fortification enclosed an area of nearly 0.5 km2. The potent wall (averaging 1.5 to 2 m in thickness) was made of rubble stone (gneiss) and cemented with clay or lime, reaching heights from 6 to 10 m.

From inside to outside the fortification was structured in three functional elements: (1) a circular wall, (2) the ward wall with embrasures and gates and (3) the ward with moat spanning 8 to 10 m. In sections the moat could be flooded by the Münzbach or Saubach creek

In places the wall has been stabilized by emerging pillars. Just as well for stabilization emerging fortification towers have been installed every 40 m, totaling a number 39 in the past with 9 towers preserved completely or rudimentary at present.


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