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The Svornost (“Concord”) mine, founded in 1518, gives exceptional evidence of the silver and uranium mining of Jáchymov. Until the mid-19th century it was one of the main centres of silver, cobalt and bismuth ore mining in Jáchymov. The silver mining period is documented by two principal and still-functional drainage adits which were driven into the mine during the 16th century: the St. Barbara adit (at a depth of 106 m) and the St. Daniel adit (-148 m). With a length of more than 10 km, the St. Barbara adit represents one of the longest drainage adits in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains. From the 1840s on, uranium ore has been systematically extracted for the first time in the world, triggered by a boom of uranium-based dyes. Also uranium ore from the Svornost mine enabled M. Curie-Sklodowska and P. Curie to discover new radioactive elements, such as radium and polonium in 1898. The uranium mining era ended in 1964 but curing radon water is still being pumped from 500 m depth, hence, the mine is continuously in use since 1518.

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