The Royal Mint, located next to the town hall in the upper part of the town, is an extraordinary testimony to all periods of Jáchymov mining. From 1520 until 1671 it has been the seat of a mint where the famous Jachymov thalers were minted (until 1528 it was owned by the Counts of Schlick, in 1528 it passed to the royal hands and until 1671 it operated as the Royal Mint). From 1538 until 1918 the building also housed apartments and offices of the Supreme Mining Office. In 1716, the world’s first state mining vocational school was established here. In 1918, the building became the head office of the state Jáchymov mines. From 1946, it served briefly as the head office of the Czech-Soviet uranium mining company, Jáchymovské doly (Jáchymov Mines). From 1964, the building houses the Jáchymov branch of the Karlovy Vary Museum.

The corner of the Royal Mint is still dominated by a beautiful oriel window with intersecting bars and a date of completion: 1536.

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