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Originally, water from the Heinzen pond was used to propel the water wheel of the Elias mine. A stone made water-wheel chamber can still be recognized. In the mid-19th century, a new water ditch was set up on the left slope of the Elias valley. It connected the Heinzen pond with the water inlets of the Werner mine to supply the hoisting machine and the water pumps. Further on the water was directed underground (level of Albrecht adit) to the concentration plants at Jáchymov and was used to drive the stamping batteries in the vicinity of the Josef pit.  Another part of the water reserve was used to supply the water column hoisting machine of the Svornost mine. The early parts of the water ditch have been preserved including some mica-schist slabs to cover the trough. Its final part between the Elias and Rovnost mines disappeared after World War II in the context of uranium mining activity.

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