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Within the mining district Kaff at Zlatý Kopec the mining for tin, iron and secondarily for copper started in the first half of the 16th century. In these deposits the ore is hosted within so called "skarn-type" mineralisations. Those form phacoidal, flatly inclined bodies with a thickness of up to 15 m. Cassiterite (tin stone) comes along with sulfides and magnetite and has been the mineral of most economic interest by the mine owners. The content of tin in the ore could reach up to 4%. The Johannes adit, located in the eastern part of the mining district Kaff, has been the most notable adit. It reveals astonishing, large sized chambers with measures of 60 x 20 m and heights up to 10 or 12 m. In 2015 the Johannes adit has been opend for the public as a visitor mine.

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