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The Christoph adit was discoverd in 2008 and made accessable for the public in 2015. This mine instructively shows different techniques of tin mining from the late 16th to the late 18th centuries. The first meters of the adit walls are lined with dry masonry. The following part with trapezoidal cross-sections was driven by chisel and hammer around 1590. At a distance of 80 m from the entrance, the adit circumvents the Mauritius shaft and starts extending behind the latter. There, indications of fracturing rock by fire-setting are observable. The younger rear part of the adit appears wider and higher and has been developed by blasting with gunpowder. On a spot the year 1778 has been engraved. At 262 m the adit leads into a large stope that is 65 m long, 4-9 m wide and 15-25 m high. A number of branch-adits are attached as well, one of them with a blind shaft worked with hammer and chisel. The drain along the shaft is a unique feature.

Interactive Map