The wall encircling the mining town of Marienberg was first built between 1541 and 1566, and did not follow the original town layout in the south or north. Ditches filled with water were positioned in front of it. The wall, which today only survives as a short section by the Zschopauer Tor (Zschopau Gate) and the Roter Turm (Red Tower), was constructed using local quarry stone with chalk. It had flying buttresses facing the town side to stabilise it. In the 19th century, most of the wall, three of the towers and four of the gates were torn down. Of the five gates originally built into the long sides of the Marienberg town wall, only the Zschopauer Tor (Zschopau Gate), built in 1545, survives. The Roter Turm (Red Tower) is the last remaining tower in Marienberg town wall.

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