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The town hall (Obermarkt 24) dominates the upper market and accounts for the most prominent profane structure of the historic centre of Freiberg. The oldest part of the town hall originates from the 15th century when the building replaced a legacy building from the 13th century.

The coloured historical city arms from 1510 has been attached immediately above the main entrance. Next to the town hall tower, at the side facing the market place, a Renaissance style oriel from 1578 dominates the structure.

In 1986 a carillon made of Meißner porcelain has been installed inside the tower. The trabeated ceiling of the assembly hall, the conference room and the casket room with cross vault account for further remarkable elements of the town hall. Inbuilt in 1635 the caskets still serve for safekeeping of important historical documents at present day. The corridors show several large-sized oil paintings of Saxon sovereigns.


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