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Built in 1850, the hoisting house still contains original fixtures and fittings. The upper parts of the wheel chamber walls have been exposed.

The wooden, multi-storey hoisting house belonging to the Lichtloch VII air shaft dates back to 1850, and is half-timbered. The framework itself is timber-clad. The original pithead has been preserved on the ground floor of the shaft house, and there is a winder on the upper floor (which was operated by several men). This originally belonged to the Grube Beihilfe mine, and was later moved to the hoisting house. The pulleys are located in the attic. The outer walls of the two wheel chambers, which originally sat next to one another and contained the pumping wheel and reversible water wheel, can still be seen on the old heap. The wheel chambers were backfilled after 1901, when the wheel chamber coe was also demolished. The walls, the tops of which have now been exposed and secured, give some idea of the size of these technical structures.

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