In the western Erzgebirge near Eibenstock, numerous monuments document the former tin mining and processing. In the impressive mining landscape, heaps from tin placer mining and water ditches for washing out minerals lie right alongside each other and still provide evidence today for above-ground tin placer mining. Completely excavated lodes and sinkholes are a record of underground tin mining. The extracted tin was processed in the surrounding hammer works, where a regional centre for tinplate production of European importance developed.

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  • Heiliger Geist and St. Bartolomäus (Holy Ghost and St. Bartholomew) sink-holes

    Directly to the north of the Grüner Seifen placer deposits is the Heiliger Geist and St. Bartolomäus sink-hole field. It is marked by long, crevice-like sink-holes caused by collapsed mining shafts. In some places, these sink-holes run parallel to each other at a distance of only 5 metres. The sink-holes are up to 5 metres deep. Further to the west, the sink-hole field changes into a surface-mined area about 8 metres deep and 100 metres in diameter.

  • Grüner Seifen placer deposits and Grüner Graben ditch

    The Grüner Seifen placer deposits are one of the most characteristic types of scenery found in the mining landscape. The excavations reached a depth of more than ten metres. Following three main routes, the resulting ravine-like gullies stretch towards the east. The remaining heap-like hills mark the original ground level. It is likely that most of the hollows first developed in the period after 1558, when water from the Grüner Graben ditch was being used. This is indicated by the numerous remains of ditches in the area surrounding the Grüner Seifen.

  • Schwarze Pinge (Black Sink-hole)

    The Schwarze Pinge sink-hole is close to the centre of the Eibenstock mining landscape and is one of the largest sink-holes caused by collapsed mining shafts. It extends roughly 200 metres and runs from east to west. Running parallel to the north end of the Schwarze Pinge are multiple lines of smaller sink-holes or trench-like depressions resulting from collapsed funnel shafts.