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World Heritage Mining Region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří – Frequently asked questions, answered in a sentence

Why is the Erzgebirge applying for the title?

The development of the entire Erzgebirge region, which has been founded in mining for more than 800 years, led to the formation of a unique mining cultural landscape, which is to be preserved and protected for future generations, and its value harnessed.


What is special about the application by the Erzgebirge?

The Outstanding Universal Value of the Mining Region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří is founded solely in the association of all 22 components on the German and Czech sides; they may be identified as one large cross-border area with shared roots, which only form a World Heritage site in conjunction with each other.


How many people have been involved in the application and in the associated care for the relevant sites in recent years?

Several thousand people have been and are involved in this “bottom-up” project, from normal citizens through association members and local authorities to ministry committees.


How much money has been invested in the application process?

Over the course of 10 years, 1.5 million euros have been provided by the local authorities for investment in the application process and accompanying marketing.


Who has financed the maintenance of the sites?

The conservation of the individual objects has been financed jointly by funds from owners, local authorities and grants.


What is the value of the World Heritage status for the region?

The World Heritage title is a valuable brand, which communicates the value of the unique cultural landscape to both locals and those outside the area, and which enables the preservation of our heritage for future generations.

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