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Alongside its unique mountain landscapes and romantic river valleys, picturesque villages and towns that have their origins in the 800 years of mining history in the region stretch across the Erzgebirge. The region is well-known for its traditions, inventiveness and warmth. The people of the Erzgebirge have a unique way of life. Countless old customs still live on authentically today and are passed on from one generation to another. For example, miners’ parades and Mettenschicht are still firm fixtures of winter and Christmas in the Erzgebirge.

These traditions and customs have their roots in mining, which shaped the way of life for the people of the Erzgebirge for over 800 years and created an important cultural landscape. The Erzgebirge entices visitors with outstanding attractions both above and below ground. The region's many underground treasure troves are well worth a visit. Exhibition mines tell the stories of the natural treasures to which the Erzgebirge owes its wealth, name and economic importance.

No matter what time of year it is, the Erzgebirge has something special to offer for everyone's liking. Whether it’s with laced-up hiking boots, on a sporty mountain bike ride or a romantic journey following the historic sight-seeing routes on beautiful railways – here visitors experience a region full of traditions, magnificent mining towns and cultural attractions shaped by mining in the Erzgebirge.