The radically fluctuating revenues and earning potential from mining over the course of centuries led again and again to the emergence of important post-mining and mining-related trades and industries in the Erzgebirge. In this way, the former mining region developed into a varied landscape of trades and industries, including industries specifically based on the extraction of raw materials, such as the production of blue pigment, nickel silver and porcelain, as well as new trades closely associated with mining traditions, such as woodcarving, for example. In addition, targeted state development measures during periods when mining was in decline led to the local establishment of sectors with little connection to mining, such as watch-making or automotive production, in order to provide new professional opportunities for miners facing unemployment.

Elitefahrzeugwerk in Brand-Erbisdorf
Werkbank der Uhrenindustrie in Glashütte
Papiermühle in Niederzwönitz
Reifendrehwerk in Seiffen