Art, music and literature

Mining and metallurgy have had a lasting impact on the artistic, musical and literary works of the people of the Erzgebirge. Over the centuries, mining formed the economic foundation for artistic activities, as well as providing a central motif represented in both religious and secular art in the region. The spectrum ranges from painting, graphic arts and sculpture via crafts and folk art to music and literature.

This is shown not only by the visual representations of mining in the Annaberg altarpiece (consecrated in 1521) or the Wismut art collection (uranium mining company, second half of the 20th century), but also by the mining motifs of the Herder table service (Meissen porcelain, around 1830), the grand Silbermann organs or the Romantic poetry of mining student and salt works official Friedrich von Hardenberg (Novalis).

Bergmännische Plastik in der historischen Altstadt von Freiberg
Bergmannskanzel St. Annenkirche in Annaberg
Silbermannorgel im Dom St. Marien in Freiberg
St. Wolfgangskirche in Schneeberg