The only completely preserved, water-powered historical Reifendrehwerk and the Miners’ Church in Seiffen record the move from mining to woodwork in the upper Erzgebirge from the 18th century, and the emergence of Erzgebirge woodcraft, now world-famous, as a following up industry. Reifendrehen, a special form of plate and spindle turning, was and is used in the Erzgebirge mainly to produce the wooden toys typical of the region.

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Seiffen Wood-Turning Factory

The water power station built between 1758 and 1760 has been used for wooden toy manufacturing since its construction. Alongside domestic farming, toy making provided livelihoods in the area. Since the end of the 19th century, wood-turning has been practised in this building complex. The ensemble was listed as protected buildings back in 1951 and was repaired in the years following this. It consists of the water power station, the water house, a barn and an artificial pond, created in the 18th century, that stores water for the water wheel and holds the logs intended for wood-turning in wet storage. Today it is the main part of the Erzgebirge Outdoor Museum.

Seiffen Miners’ Church

The miners’ church in the centre of the health resort of Seiffen was constructed between 1776 and 1779. The master mason Johann Georg Weißbach was in charge of the building work. The newly constructed church was initially used mainly for burial ceremonies. In accordance with mining customs, annual mining sermons and four quarterly sermons took place here, too. After Seiffen Church attained the status of daughter church in 1815, it was promoted to a parish church on 1 January 1833. In the middle of the 20th century, the church was completely restored. As a popular representation of Erzgebirge wooden craftsmanship, Seiffen Miners’ Church has become internationally famous.



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