Mining of silver ore around Frohnau began in the 15th century. From the 18th century, the mining of bismuth, cobalt and nickel ores dominated. The Markus Röhling adit developed into one of the most important adits in the region. Located in the Sehma valley is the Frohnauer Hammer. This hammer mill, together with its technical equipment, is representative of the processing of different metals in the Erzgebirge. In 1907, it became the first technical monument to be protected in Germany.

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Frohnauer Hammer

Originally a medieval grain mill, following finds of silver ore in 1498, the buildings became a mint. Following a complete conversion in 1621, it became a hammer mill, where silver was forged for a short time, then copper and finally iron. The hammer mill went out of operation in 1904. The hammer mill association established in 1907 acquired the plant one year later, and it was operated as a museum from as early as 1910. In addition to the hammer mill with its fully functional hammer mill machinery, the ensemble includes a flood ditch, a small workshop building and the forge manor house.

Frohnau Mining Landscape

The Frohnau mining landscape is an expansive area of heaps with small deposits from the 15th to 17th centuries, which follow the underground ore veins, larger main shaft heaps from the 18th century and large heap deposits from the period of uranium ore mining. The surface buildings that originally belonged to the shafts have not been preserved, with the exception of the area around the Malwine mine and the Markus Röhling mine. The Markus Röhling visitors’ mine can be accessed through the opening of Adit 81. South of this opening the adit’s actual opening can be found. It stretches over a total of approximately 8.6 km.



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