The Zug Mining Landscape connects the Freiberg and Brand-Erbisdorf mining areas. From the 16th century, silver, copper and lead ores were extracted here, as is evidenced by the many preserved buildings and lines of heaps. The Constantin/Drei-Brüder-Schacht underground power plant, built in 1913, demonstrates the subsequent use of mining installations, both above and below ground, to generate electricity at a time when overland supply was not yet widespread.

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Drei Brüder Shaft Surface Installations

After the closure of the pits, the Drei Brüder shaft and the Constantin shaft were converted to underground water power stations (1913/1914 and 1922 respectively) that were in operation until 1969/1972. The power station located in the Drei Brüder shaft is one of the oldest underground electricity power stations in Europe and is operated as a visitors’ centre.



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