Silver ore was also mined on the former territory of the Altzella Cistercian abbey. The Gersdorf Mining Landscape developed from the 12th century onwards; many of the machines, mining surface buildings, man-made ditches and adit mouths have been retained and are used here today. Together with Altzella Monastery, the impressive lines of heaps and sinkholes in this mining landscape provide an insight into the organisation and operation of the mines from the 12th century until the 19th century.

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Altzella Monastery

The construction of the Cistercian monastery Altzella in the second half of the 12th century is directly connected to the settlement and development of the Freiberg region. The monastery benefited from the immense growth of the nearby mining town of Freiberg. It became the most important monastery in the Wettin lands and served as the burial ground for the House of Wettin from 1190 to 1381. The monastery was secularised following the Reformation. Between 1798 and 1809 a Romantic landscape park was created surrounding the mausoleum. The monastery was taken over by the Free State of Saxony in 1993 and renovated as a protected building.

Segen Gottes Main Adit Mine

The mining area of Gersdorf originally belonged to the Cistercian monastery Altzella. From the 17th century, the Segen Gottes main adit mine became the most important mine. The stone mine rescue, constructed at the end of the 18th century, the machinery of the shipping canal, on which the ore was transported to the washing plant on barges, as well as man-made ditches and openings are all relics of the mine, which was closed in 1885. The engine house from the 18th century has also been preserved, and later converted to the mine’s Huthaus (administration and assembly building).



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